Aventus Cologne


Finding your signature scent is intoxicating; it's like wearing your favorite jeans, it just feels right. The Aventus Cologne will make you feel and smell timeless, whether you're looking to add a new fragrance to your collection or wish to gift someone one. Its subtle and irresistible scent makes it the ideal perfume for people with sensitive noses who don't like being surrounded by heavy scents. A masterpiece of freshness and vibrancy, Aventus Cologne is an excellent fragrance to wear on a day out or an evening on the town.

Creed Aventus Cologne is a sophisticated, yet sensual fragrance that offers a deep, woody fragrance. It is a new universal legend that perfectly complements its counterparts while providing an expressive and unconventional fresh olfactive experience entirely of its own. A cult classic with a rebellious modern twist, Creed Aventus Cologne embodies vitality, success, and style-bottling the defining moments of individuality and one's journey to own it.

Key Notes:

  • Top notes: ginger, mandarin, Baie rose
  • Middle notes: patchouli, Indian sandalwood, vetiver
  • Base notes: styrax, musk, birch, tonka bean

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