Perfumes De Marly - Kalan is a unique creation at the boundary of the fragrance family, a newly revised fougère perfume with an aesthetics that swings between light and shade. The aroma starts with a sparkling blend of black pepper and spices, followed by notes of blood orange and orange blossom. The entrancing scent evolves to a woody end that is reminiscent of white sandalwood.

Kalan is very light and sensual, making it a perfect choice for those who like to enjoy life at the moment. With a clear, bright, and sparkling top note, it has a long-lasting, captivating, and fresh aroma that is perfect for the modern-day woman. It's an easygoing fragrance with a contemporary twist.

Key Notes: 

  • Base notes: Moss, Precious wood
  • Middle notes: Lavender, Solar notes, Orange blossom absolute
  • Top notes: Blood orange, Black pepper

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