Le Labo

Thé Matcha 26


In the same way, matcha tea is much more than just a drink in Japanese culture, Thé Matcha 26 is much more than a scent. It is a sharp, refreshing, crisp fragrance that invokes the feeling of springtime with the freshness of a clear, matcha tea. It utilizes the aroma of Japanese matcha tea to capture a moment of introspection and a quiet inner celebration of grace and soulful beauty.

Thé Matcha 26 is a skin scent meant for only those close to the wearer. Matcha tea accord blends with a creamy fig note that's grounded by soft vetiver and elevated by uplifting and enticing notes of bitter orange. Embodying an air of noble stillness, it is reminiscent of home and welcomes solitude and all things familiar – a fragrance to be treasured.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Matcha Tea Accord, Fig, Vetiver, Cedar Woods, and Bitter Orange 

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